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Las estructuras piramidales-departamentales limitan la flexibilidad de muchas organizaciones haciendolas menos competitivas en mercados globalizados. La adopción de modelos mas flexibles como la estructuración bajo un esquema de flujo de procesos interdependientes no ha logrado imponerse. Aqui se presenta una propueta para lograr la transición de Las piramides a los mapas. Read more >


La barrera natural a cualquier propuesta de cambio es que aceptamos, como cierto y casi como un axiona, el viejo refrán de administración "Las personas se resisten a los cambios" o "Existe una oposición natural en las personas de abandonar el statu quo". Esto que para muchos puede ser cierto, se convierte en la principal razón para que al liderar iniciativas de cambio, dentro de una organización, se fracase. El cambio no se da… Read more >


Extra million baby diapers could represent up to 20% of throughput increment. Having in mind a converter which runs 350 ppm, three or four different product sizes, 24/7 operation which means three or four different operational crews. All described so far might means troubles for manufacturers who have one or two baby diaper´s converters. If you have an operation as described before and need to increase your throughput by low cost… Read more >

11 Febrero, 2017 Talento y Resolucion de problemas

La capacidad para resolución de problemas en organizaciones productivas es una característica que impacta su nivel de competitividad. Es casi un axioma de los métodos para resolución de problemas que y cito: “Para una buena resolución se debe tener una excelente definición del problema” (autor desconocido). Los aportes de las ciencias en la creación de modelos matemáticos para reproducir fenómenos físicos nos permite definir tres… Read more >

26 Marzo, 2015 The "Inception" for a new leader.

The world is witnessing for, at least, the recently 20 years the transition from a livinghood model based on Subordination to a new stage which urge leaders to adopt and shows new behavior and conducts-manners-habits more trending to Coordinate and Cooperate instead Impose. Subordination´s model ask for a leadership or leader who can use their histrionic capabilities to attract massive attention and make the mass follow directions… Read more >

10 Febrero, 2015 The Approach on Large Companies and Smaller Companies

A comment received from a reader of my third post triggers this new post, the first of 2015. Let us talk about how both large and smaller size companies can introduce the approach with almost no differences. As the matter of fact, the bigger barrier the approach must face and breakthrough is the pre concepts derived from pyramid structures. Pre concepts drives our way to see the world, I love to call it brain maps. Pyramidal structures… Read more >

14 Noviembre, 2014 Why the approach isolates manufacturing process?. (Fourth post)

So far, we have cover how the approach give a path supervisors and manager might transit to perform their duties efficiently. The approach suggest a flat model to organize people based on Cooperation relationship rather than Pyramidal model (Subordination relationship). The approach also shows clearly the step in order to transform a customer request into finished good delivered on time (Value chain). The approach also shows how… Read more >

07 Noviembre, 2014 Process map as a key to improve manufacturing cost. (Third post)

Organizational Vision unaccomplished, Management efforts diluted on department struggles, Supervisor misfocused of key activities and lack of sense of ownership along operational floor’s crew are just a few of the negativity consequences of still using organigrams. My second post covers the approach brought by Prof Michael Porter known as Process Mapping. Year 2000 marks the launch of ISO 9000 series proposing process flow as… Read more >

27 Octubre, 2014 Organigrams negatively influence manufacturing results. (Second post)

Putting aside the fact organigrams are a channel to communicate grades of subordination and it could creates negative response from operation’s base crew (the closest to the operation’s base the higher your level of subordination), let us explore an alternative brought by Prof. Michael Porter in middle 80’s when he started talking about organizational competiveness. Read more >

22 Octubre, 2014 Organigrams works against of better and higher Manufacturing Cost-Efficiency results

The organigram (Organizational charts) is widely used as a tool whenever you need to give a sense of order to a group of people trying to achieve common goals. It is hard to imagine a business running smoothly without an organigram. So many years of using it have created a brain map which make people use them without questioning if those still useful. Questioning if nowadays, organigrams represent a barrier to achieve better results… Read more >