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Organigrams works against of better and higher Manufacturing Cost-Efficiency results

The organigram (Organizational charts) is widely used as a tool whenever you need to give a sense of order to a group of people trying to achieve common goals. It is hard to imagine a business running smoothly without an organigram. So many years of using it have created a brain map which make people use them without questioning if those still useful. Questioning if nowadays, organigrams represent a barrier to achieve better results into manufacturing facilities.

Organigrams works against of better and higher Manufacturing Cost-Efficiency results

What do you think if I tell you "Do not use an organigram any longer, it is the root cause of your poor manufacturing’s cost results”. Whenever I say it, the audience look at me with funny eyes and inclining their heads. It is a normal reaction if we have in mind I am trying to delete a brain map deeply internalized. It is the same feeling when a doctor says “Do not eat fast food and fries any more, it is the root cause of your obesity".

In early 90’s thanks to new approaches of business administration, a school of thinking works on new ways to organize people. Inverted pyramids, flatted pyramids (radars), and horizontal organigrams were some of the proposal made at that time. Due lot of reasons pyramid shape prevails and stills being the most used way to organize people into a business unit. In addition, this is the only way possible in family companies or entrepreneurial initiatives, which are the economy’s country engine plus backbone of hiring sources.

Latin America (which is my playground), have 300 years of colony background. We were country slaves for that period, after that we have 200 years into modern slavery mode (It is another fairy tale). It adds some other brain maps that drives our behavior as a citizens as well as workers. In this part of the world, organigrams means, “there is a Master who always is right, no way to think different or you’ll pay for it”. This is a very strong image or preconception (brain map), which works against innovation, creativeness, willingness and some other senses which engine workers’ self-motivation.

Organigrams remind you "there is somebody above who have the last word". It is a tool used to communicate grades of subordination. Subordination is the method used to give sense of order to a group of people trying to achieve common goals. I want to use all mentioned so far as an introduction to the following relation:

1.- Organigrams = reference of subordination = reference of master & slave relationship

2.- Master & slave relationship = workers suffering lack of self-motivation = companies struggling to get better manufacturing results (cost = Quality + resource usage + manufacturing Line availability.)

Well, the good news is there are choices that helps to avoid this malicious waterfall of events. Moreover, there are choices that creates waterfall of events that engine human virtuosity like the following examples:

Winning sense = self-confidence reinforced = leadership = ownership

Ownership = commitment = team up = achievements

Achievements = learning = brain map changes = behavior changes

See you around and I hope this post find readers and readers likes and comment this post. Next time I will share a proven choice to trash an organigram and get manufacturing cost-efficiency results improved.