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The Approach on Large Companies and Smaller Companies

A comment received from a reader of my third post triggers this new post, the first of 2015. Let us talk about how both large and smaller size companies can introduce the approach with almost no differences. As the matter of fact, the bigger barrier the approach must face and breakthrough is the pre concepts derived from pyramid structures. Pre concepts drives our way to see the world, I love to call it brain maps. Pyramidal structures creates the following list of brain maps into workforce and staff workers: Departmental isolation, subordination as a way to interact, leadership based on charisma and Career plan limited by educational degree. Those are just a few pre concepts the approach must breakthrough.

The Approach on Large Companies and Smaller Companies

After so many years working into a pyramidal livinghood model, every single person looks for a group to feel comfortable any other way creates anxiety or loneliness. I realize it few years ago performing my role as an ISO 9001:2000 consultant on a huge enterprise. One of Quality Management System´s requirements is to map how the process works to deliver the product on time and complying quality specifications. The issue here is to make everyone clear on Processes are neither Departments nor Managerial positions. People try to transform organigrams into process maps and it is a big and common mistake.

Here the first process map approach made by the ISO team at that enterprise

Here what I meant when I said the approach have some challenges to face. Departmental School of thinking (Subordination model) fights against Process Flow´s School of thinking (Cooperation model). That is why people are skeptical to relate the FAVMAN´s process map with larger organization

0444c3fThat is why the approach is so powerful, every single manufacturing business can use it and will experience stronger results on product quality, production chain performance and cost effective operation. Moreover, the approach settle the platform to build a talented organization through people´s leadership development. Leadership based on individual achievement rather than personal charisma (This is a separate story). It is also true larger organizations will need more time to internalize the pre concepts change. Larger organizations have Worforce´s Union, separated facilities, underground or non-formal structures, burocracy and some other particularities related with culture and company’s background.

After fight with all those monsters during 9 months, the enterprise and me (as a consultant) agrees a happy medium shown in the following process map. It was not the model expected to apply but I just considered a huge step at that time (year 2007). Six month later, they got an ISO 9001:2000 certification by SGS International Registar and I still proud of it.


I hope this post helps to demonstrate management systems based on ISO 9001:2000/08 fits every company and as FAVMAN approach can be generic for manufacturing sort of companies. The approach give room to address particularities into the processes given. The real barrier are managerial pre concepts or enterprise’s policies. When I heard “people reacts against changes”, I cannot stop myself to reply, “People with power reacts against changes not workforce people”. Our brain maps are the real barriers that is why top management must be involved to drive medium management until becoming a role model (new habits and behaviors) for workforce people. This waterfall of leading role allows medium management achieving excellent results regarding efficient (Resources usages) and workforce people being more productive.

Waiting for your comments your friend who is going to write the next post, see you around…….