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The "Inception" for a new leader.

The world is witnessing for, at least, the recently 20 years the transition from a livinghood model based on Subordination to a new stage which urge leaders to adopt and shows new behavior and conducts-manners-habits more trending to Coordinate and Cooperate instead Impose. Subordination´s model ask for a leadership or leader who can use their histrionic capabilities to attract massive attention and make the mass follow directions without ask a single question (In a perfect situation but there are a gray´s scale). That is a leader´s role model, which is no longer fitting with newest situations or circumstances emerging with new ways to socialize the phenomena once called globalization.

The Inception for a new leader.

Internet and social networking brought a new platform to socialize and communicate letting corporate media a step behind or aside. This fact keeps People up-to-date instantly about what is happening everywhere, anytime. This fact calls for a new sort of leader because to get people’s attention a leader must to use effectively the social media and play leading roles to allow people acknowledge what they are receiving through the network hood. The new channels multiply the capability to reach massive attention but urge new leaders to behave. The message is now stronger than before just because new leaders are more than ever a role model. Video & audio both on real time could be a lethal weapon for those who say something and practicing some other thing.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKvAAAAJGExZTI0OTNkLTVlZGEtNDdlMi1hODFhLWNkMWIzMTY5MGIxZgThe lonely rider was a program I used to follow when I was very young. As crosswords, I would like to bring up The Lonely Leader. This sort of leader is the one who can fits with situation described above. A person committed with his or her own values and principles. A person who does not need a guard to act within Ethics of a person who respect live and environment. A person who is conscious there is a major objective he is supporting with his effort. A person who is conscious every single act he does others will reapply or follow, others he might not know personally. The lonely leader is that one who do not wait for others to make a move, he just keep moving to achieve the goal on his command.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAI5AAAAJDgwY2M2MmEwLWMyYzYtNDIxZi1hMWI2LTM1Yjc4NTdhYzI4MwAll mentioned so far to introduce how the approach uses the lonely leader image or brain map to complement the Cooperation´s model. Charisma is the strongest attribute for a Subordination´s model. Charisma overtakes Authority to make Imposition a smoothest move. Charisma works to IMPOSE ideas into the mass and let them think they was the source. In cooperation´s model, you not need charisma anymore; you need more participation and feel you are performing a leading role. Based on it, Cooperation´s model looks for everyone as a team member in action not in rhetorical way. Everyone in action as a leader also ask for a higher level of coordination to avoid everyone crashing at start point.AAEAAQAAAAAAAANOAAAAJDYxMzM4ZTMyLWMyMzUtNDY3Mi1hNGZiLTJiMzIxMWI0MzVhMgCooperation´s model approach comes with a completely methodology to manage people´s talent. To elevate as high as the lonely leader wants their capabilities to behave as a prime citizen, as a prime worker, as a prime community member who priories life and surroundings above all. Worksites becomes a complement to fortify Community Ethics, which drive everyone to looks for violent less sort of society. A society which respect others and surroundings as equals. A society, which stops IMPOSING practices to adopt new stages of relationships, based on agreements to allow community’s growth. A society, which cares more on elevate human virtuosity rather than materialism or elevate consumes level.

I do not want to mean money is evil and money is bad. Nothing is more unreal. Money is important to trade. Money is important to buy things, which make life more comfortable. Money is important to get access to so many things but life. Life, Mother Nature, the earth as a source of every single expression of life must prevail above all. Subordination´s model uses the money power to make poor’s felt they are living in a society of equals through consumes brain maps. As a personal opinion, I am convinced our society is falling into this hole just because the subordination´s model brain maps and the power money has gained through the last 200 years.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJfAAAAJDA4MzNhMjJhLTQwMTEtNGJhNy04NzBmLWYxMzlhNGViNjE3NgTo grant the future generations will work for a different sort of society and their Ethics we must to uses parental figures as a role model to reinforced new habits and conducts, to grew new generations to come. That is why the Cooperation´s model uses Talent management techniques to provoke behavior changes in every worker. “If you change the way you see the world you also change your attitude to live your Live”. The goal is to transform each worker into a lonely leader and them he will abandon behaviors and habits that make them believe they are non-capable. that make them money slaves. that make their children followers of a looser. That make them the massive virus to destroy the society they must build.

Finally the first of five (Maybe six) post to share how the FAVMAN´s cooperation model opens a space to develop a non-imposing way to interact and nurtures the soil to grew individuals who bring back the virtuosity of our society. Your comments are very welcome and I can use it to highlight or get into the deep of a single particularity. Hope you enjoy the read and worth as five minute gate away.