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Why the approach isolates manufacturing process?. (Fourth post)

So far, we have cover how the approach give a path supervisors and manager might transit to perform their duties efficiently. The approach suggest a flat model to organize people based on Cooperation relationship rather than Pyramidal model (Subordination relationship). The approach also shows clearly the step in order to transform a customer request into finished good delivered on time (Value chain). The approach also shows how to isolate manufacturing processes from the natural variation of sales activity (The buffer), allowing supervisors to work with natural variation of a production. Once we get there, the next step is to make production crew more productive.

Why the approach isolates manufacturing process?. (Fourth post)

Efficiency is a duty of supervisors and managers. Productivity is a duty of production crew. The approach shows how make operators more productive as well as trusted data source. Data analysis allow well Statistical Process Control. Tables filled by operators are the data source. Here is the key used by the approach to transform every single operator into process owner. To develop commitment and ownership using the winning sense to trigger up self-motivation. As we can see we are closing the loop, here is the how the approach triggers the three human virtuosity cascades mentioned in first post:

1. Winning sense = self-confidence reinforce = leadership = ownership

2. Ownership = commitment = teaming sense = achievements

2. Achievements = learning = brain map change = behavior change

33a904aI will take a disposable diaper manufacturing process to shows how the approach work on productivity and become a self-motivation tool. Disposable diaper’s manufacturing process still one of the most complicated system to control due the particularity to combine a cellulose fiber + granulate super absorbent particles core with and envelope made with another 13 plastic, thin and stress sensitive material layers all of them sealed using pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive. It could be a nightmare if you do not controlled well and precisely. All the parameters (Temperature, humidity, speed, positive air pressure, vacuum pressure, metal and polyurethane rolls interference and gapping) must kept into a midrange previously defined.

20b568dThe major disturbance generator the machine operator must avoid are material build up. Adhesive’s spills onto machine frame or pulling rolls plus environment polluted with cellulose’s dust creates accumulations. Those build-ups can mistrack the material web or even worst tear off material slices. It is controlled mostly for every diaper crew around the world but something almost every team forget is to watch out what is happening along the backside of the machine where the transmission assembly is working. The approach give a machine’s section to every single operator. It is based on a troubleshooting principle of divide a big trouble into a bunch of little pieces as well as make every single worker a machine’s owner.

1eed0fbThis basic action triggers a major brain map change into every single worker of production floor. When everything is responsibility of everyone; Chaos, excuses, blames lack of achievement are what we get. No one is responsible of anything. Supervisors are annulated by the system itself.

Giving to everyone a piece of infrastructure is the key to get everybody involve. Supervisor can review every millimeter of the production facility talking directly with the responsible, no excuses. I would like to highlight I am not saying to expand the operational crew, The approach uses the amount of people you already have.

Once you do it, order, ownership, team up, commitment, will start to growth into the manufacturing crew. Supervisors can define maintenance routines, operational routines, change over routines, and so by every single area. Troubles or bottlenecks will be easier to identify, people’s skill easier to strength, training cost will be affordable as well as customized and Organization becomes talented and efficient.

This series is over; I hope the tip worth of help to the forum. Thanks to the readers, thanks to people who click like or share and so many thanks to those who leave a comment. Thanks to Eng. Javier Sillie who collaborates with the machine image posted.

Next series will cover how the approach develop new sort of leadership, a sort which grant sustainability. A sort that help workers to improve their most intimate surroundings, home, neighborhood, community.

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